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Dental Implants

Prices (EUR)

Implant Isomed (complete with abutment) life time guarantee


Implant Nobel Biocare (complete with abutment) 10 years guarantee


Implant Straumann (complete with abutment)
10years guarantee

€ 790

Dental Surgery

Sinus Lift (inclusive bone)

€ 610 

Bone grafting with membran

€ 610  

Bone material

€ 260


€ 350

Tooth extraction (frontal, premolar, molar)

€ 20 

Surgical extraction

€ 100  

Root apices reserction

€ 150

Root canal treatment

€ 20 per canal

Dental crowns and bridges

Porcelain fused to metal crown

€ 90

Circonium crown (More material information:

€ 190

Shoulder preparation of the tooth

€ 25 pro Zahn

Porcelain fused to gold crown

€ 190 + Goldpreis 3 gr 

Full porcelain / ceramic crown

€ 190

Gradia crown

€ 100

Temporary crown

€ 15

Metal-ceramic crown on an implant

€ 110

Circonium crown on an implant

€ 220

Gold-ceramic crown on an implant

€ 110Goldpreis 4gr 

Titanium crown

€ 150

Porcelain veneers

Porcelain or ceramic veneer

€ 250

Aesthetic treatments

Composite filling / white filling

€ 30

Circoniumceramic Inlay

€ 190


€ 200  


€ 110 +gold price 4gr

Temporary filling

€ 10

Ceramic-Inlay (Porcelain-inlay)

€ 190

Bleaching with Beyond Whitening Accelerator (incl. dental hygiene treatment)

€ 150 per jaw

Dental hygiene with tartar removal and polishing

€ 20


Full denture with acrylic teeth

€ 250

Full denture with gold net

€ 450

Temporary denture

€ 150

Denture with metal plate

€ 350

Partial denture with clasps

€ 490

Partial denture with slides (metal base and artificial teeth)

€ 590

More dental services

Comprehensive new patient exam, treatment plan, price estimation


Local anaesthesia


Panoral x-ray (digital)

€ 30

Small x-ray (digitale)



Free Treatment Plan

Our dentists create a custom dental treatment plan for free

Our Clinic

We have been providing dental treatment services at the highest standards since then. We utilize the latest technology in our clinic and laboratory. Our clinic staff have more than 10 years of experience in general and aesthetic dentistry.

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