Our dental services and dental treatments

If you could send us a recent panoral x-ray, and describe your dental problem, our dentists and dental surgeon can give you a treatment plan and a price quotation by e-mail within 24 hours. If you don't have a panoral x-ray, we ask you to visit the nearest dentist (or hospital) and ask for an x-ray or if possible ask for a treatment plan. Then you can send the x-ray to us by e-mail or by post to our postal address.

Our dental clinic offers a full range of dentistry from regular check ups to full mouth reconstructions and everything in between on the highest level, to keep your smile happy and healthy.

* Free preliminary examination and consultation

* Free treatment plan and quotation (by e-mail)

* Free comprehensive new patient exam

* Free annual check-up

* Free airport transfer

* Free WIFI Internet


* Digital small radiograph (30x40mm)

* Digital panorama radiograph (Orthopanthomography)

Dental implants and dental implantology:

Specialist In All Current Dental Implant Systems

* Implant Isomed (complete with abutment) www.isomed.it

* Implant Nobel Biocare (complete with abutment) www.nobelbicare.com

* Implant Straumann (complete with abutment) www.straumann.com

Dental crowns and bridges:

* Metal-ceramic crowns

* Gold ceramic crowns

* Full gold crowns

* Full ceramic crown

* Zirconium crown

* Ceramic veneer

* Gradia crown

Fillings and Inlays:

* Zircon-ceramic inlay

* Gold inlay

* Gradia inlay

* White aesthetic fillings

* Careful exchange of the old amalgam fillings

* Tooth jewelery

Artificial dentures:

* Full prosthesis (plastic base with teeth)

* Full prosthesis with gold net and teeth)

* Full prosthesis with metal base and teeth

* Partial prosthesis with clips (metal base + teeth)

* Partial prosthesis with slider (metal base + teeth)

* Replacing of plastic teeth into the prosthesis

* Prosthesis repair

* Provisional prosthesis

* Combined dental replacements

Dental surgery:

* Tooth extraction with operation

* Sinus lift operation

* Bone grafting

Oral hygiene and prevention treatments:

* Removal of dental deposit with ultrasound

* Dental cleaning and polishing

* Tooth whitening or bleaching with Beyond Whitening Accelerator


* Root canal treatment

* Root filling

* Root apices resection