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Dental Lab

Our dentists and dental technicians co-operate closely, and thus they guarantee the completion of your dental replacement of the best quality in the shortest period.

The advantages of our dental laboratory are the following:

  • the laboratory belongs to our dentistry
  • our dental technicians have on the average one more than 10 years work experience
  • we use the best materials and raw materials from Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, England, Sweden and the USA
  • the laboratory has the newest technology to the circonium (zircon) crowns with full equipment (zircon tooth, zircon tooth furnace etc.)
  • the circonium (zircon) crowns can be completed also hand-made according to desire
  • the laboratory possesses the ISO accreditation (International  Standards of Organization)
  • the dental technique laboratory corresponds completely to the European standard system

The dental restorations are exclusively made of Western European and American materials, which meet the requirements of the European standard. All materials are ISO registered and international acknowledged. You are welcome to visit our laboratory when having a dental treatment with us.


Nickel- and beriliumfree metals for crowns and bridge

  • Wirobond C from BEGO
  • Remanium 2001 (Co 63%, Cr23%, Mo7% W4.3%) from DENTAURUM

Nickelfree metal for metal plates

  • Remanium 380+ (Co64.6%, Cr29%, Mo4.5%) from DENTAURUM
  • Wironit extrahart (Co 63% Cr 30% Mo 5% C max.0,4% Egyéb: Si, Mn) from HERAEUS-KULZER

Precious metals

  • Elsaloy 63 Pf (Au 63% Pt 4,3% Ag 21,6 % Cu 10% Ir, Zn under 1 %)
  • ELSA BIO VITAL Mk 86 (Au 85,8% Pt 11,8% Ir, Zu, In, Fe, Rh, Mn, Nb under 1%, palladium-, silver- and copperfree, covering burnt on gold) goldcovering for gold-ceramic bridges
  • Elsa KB 80 (Au79.8%, Ag11.6%, Cu5.7%, Pt, Pd, Ir, Zn unter 1%) goldcovering for inlays or onlays Producer: ELSA Edelmetall Legier- und Scheideanstalt GmbH. A-3193 St. Aegyd am Neuwalde, Hauptstrasse 91,

Crowns and bridges made of zircon 

  • Implant Isomed (complete with abutment)
  • Implant Nobel Biocare (complete with abutment)
  • Implant Straumann (complete with abutment)


Metalfree ceramic for crowns, inlays and ceramic shells

  • Press ceramic: Vision Low
  • Ceramic covering: Vision Low

Producer: WOHLWEND AG. Dental Manufaktur, Platte 93, FL-9488 Schellberg, Fürstentum Liechtstein

Metal ceramics



Free Treatment Plan

Our dentists create a custom dental treatment plan for free

Our Clinic

We have been providing dental treatment services at the highest standards since then. We utilize the latest technology in our clinic and laboratory. Our clinic staff have more than 10 years of experience in general and aesthetic dentistry.

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